I’m a small business owner in the Colorado Springs, Monument, Falcon, area for the last 18 years. Wishlist Customs also known as Graham’s Cabinet’s and Trim or check out the web site Susan Built for my business it can be found at: www.wishlistcustoms.com

Things were starting to get slow so I decided to do a website and Susan told me she was taking on new clients with her business building websites. She told me she had already done a few so I checked them out. (Not bad) I’ve known Susan a long time knowing she is responsible and has always done what she said she would do.  So knowing she had recently started her new business I thought I would take the chance and have Susan build my website, so I invested. She worked with me via E-mail, and did most all of the website design this way. This was great being self employed and living in Monument and since Susan lives in Loveland. I took the chance and used Susan to do the website and design. She did a lot of research about my business. And a few scheduled phone calls Susan built my site in about three weeks. (With no regrets). What a wonderful job Susan did. I also sent all my old and existing customers my web site and have had a lot of new work and comments on the web site.

The web site started out slow for the first few months as expected and then started getting more and more hits. The customers that review my site tell me that it is very informative and a great site.  And with time, I’m sure it will be all that I need to keep work. And I will tell all that want to do the same by building their business about Susan. And what a great job Susan did for me.

Thanks Susan for a wonderful job.

Steve Graham
Wishlist Customs aka Graham’s Cabinets and Trim


Recently we used Uniquely My Designs to reconstruct our website. Our company is new, so the website that had been constructed prior to Susan’s work on it was to say the least, a little primitive. I never would have believed that the design would have made as much difference as it actually did. We were getting some common complaints that our website really wasn’t very informative and that it was conflicting a lot with what our advertising was offering. After having heard this from several customers just shortly after having started our new business we decided to put Susan to work on fixing these issues.

What a transformation the site took on, and only in just one weekend! We can’t believe the difference that her work has made. We no longer get the complaints about its lack of information or inconsistencies. We appear to have been in business some time now even though it’s been only a couple of months. We would highly recommend Susan and Uniquely My Designs. Trust me when I say that your websites appearance means everything. You don’t want to skimp on its development. Susan ran with everything from a-z regarding most of our information on our site. The other company was waiting upon me to furnish almost everything. What a difference in service as well!

Bob Rosanbalm
Integrated Energy Solutions


I am a small Ragdoll cat breeder located in the remote State of Wyoming. I needed a website so I could show off our Ragdoll cats and kittens.  Since we are so isolated, I needed a website that could be found by customers outside of this geographical area. I contacted Susan with Uniquely My Designs and talked to her about her services. After a couple of conversations, I felt she really understood my needs and I decided to have her build a website for me. In addition to how professional she was, she always made me feel like I was her only client.  She did a really nice job on my website and I constantly get compliments on it. The website is easy to navigate and is loaded with information.  I highly recommend Uniquely My Designs to anyone looking to have a website done, Susan will do a nice job.

Her prices were very affordable,  I feel so lucky to have found her. Since her prices were so reasonable, I was able to afford a great website and still had money left over for advertising. We are ranked well in the search engines and I am sure it is because of all the information on our site!

Jo Hill
Raghill Ragdolls